24 October 2009 @ 08:54 am
Solid Internet  
Okay I'm stressing out a bit lot here...

I could do with some advice from anyone who is savvy about domains/servers/email and transfers. Oh, and especially Solid Internet.

3 days ago my domain email wasn't working. Then I realise neither is my website or cpanel. I do some research and find out some shocking things.

EVERYTHING is down - my website, email, cpanel. Their support and client forums are also down. People have said some servers have been for weeks. There is absolutely nothing telling their customers what the hell is going on - I am very, very worried.

What I want to know is;

  • is it possible to transfer anything without access to cpanel?
  • while these servers are down, are my emails just getting lost in limbo?
  • anyone know any good, reliable hosts? I pay £20-odd for a yearly light package.

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