19 May 2002 @ 08:08 pm
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Barrygotpunk on November 20th, 2002 - 03:05 pm
Hey! I was realllllllly hoping you can help me out by making me a LJ layout. I have a LJ layout now but I'm getting another LJ (free user) because too many people are going to my LJ and even though it's friends only, I wanted another LJ to write other stuff. I didn't make the new LJ yet but I'm going to anyway. I really was hoping you can pleeeeeease make me a LJ layout for new Livejournal. I wanted this picture http://image1ex.villagephotos.com/pubimage.asp?id_=1036120 as the background. If for some reason it doesn't load up when you go to it then that means it won't work until the morning time. It's a picture of the show Married with children. I wanted that picture as either the whole entire background or half the whole page with the entries on the opposite site. If the entries would look really clear going through the background then that would be cool but if you think the entries would look much more clear not going through the background but being on the other side of the page then that would be fine. Also, I just wanted where it said "married with children" on the picture to be erased and for "married with children" to be written in clearer than it looks on the picture now. Also, I wanted the comment links to be custom to where the comment link says "gimme gimmes" and then the comments saying "1 punk, 2 punks, 3 punks, etc". Then I wanted the page to fade in and out when people click the links. I wanted the fade one where it just slowly fades. Not the circle one or the others like that. The one that just slowly fades. If you can help me out and also just put the overrides codes in my LJ when it's all done it would mean soooo much!!! My screen resolution is 800X600 so I would need my layout done in 800X600. I can host the picture as the background when it's all done. I just don't know anything about codes or overrides so I didn't wanna mess it up. Please try to help me out. It would be a HUGE favor. Either way thanks a lot for reading this....take care.....Later

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